New Morning – a new day

To get up in the morning by deciding that you or you want to take a bite bigger than life, to really live your life, the life you were meant to live, not that it will be easier but it will be your life.

There are always doubts about the very existence and place within it, a person is lost in his dilemmas, what is right and what holds forever, be in order but whose? Of the parents, the children, the company, the work, the relationship, and what about me. What about my order? There is an endless number of orders and it is really surprising because everyone is right and at the same time contradictory.

Suddenly I understand that I am run like a puppet on a string by the others, but even this is not the truth because I am actually being run by the fears I adopted on the way. There is only one order and it is the internal order that sometimes allows me to be “wrong” And the journey to it is long and exhausting and certainly not always pleasant. This may help us get rid of hemorrhoids in a few days, much faster than otherwise.

When I take the reins into my hands and drive the horses of my life, it is very much related to existence and survival experience in the early stages of life, in which we depend entirely on others, in their acceptance and love of us and in the beginning of the great mother.

It is beyond our comprehension, the power of the force exerted upon us and its influence on us in the course of our lives. A person has his own truth in the face and he knows it too, and it does not stop flashing, but on the way to it there is fear of rejection, lack of success and love.

You are expected of people at some point to make order on this matter, how I will be away, the real self crystallizes out of the crises, from which we emerge fortified or actually closer in ourselves, not because we succeeded and succeeded, but because we experienced them and in the process we shelled and met Ourselves more closely ..

Why is it important for a person to approach himself, to know himself? This is why we came here in the first place, to become familiar with life, to understand the map and the signs, for our emotional and spiritual development, to go down to the world for one task, to learn to distinguish between good and evil and to act from the deepest place in it. , To know what is right and wrong from your own point of view, not to tread on the other but also not for yourself, and to understand that ultimately we all create one whole wonderful life.

Where else you come from and where you go in the great space of the spiritual world, this is the basis for understanding, otherwise it is impossible to grasp the role of man in the world, no less than that, less is a narrow and short gaze that can not explain and interpret and thus guide man in his life paths and how he should act In the world to realize its destiny, without the data base and the inner code, we are helpless and cling to ways that are not in any way, in an attempt to seek the happiness that our understanding comes from.

We try to fill in the lack of inappropriate replacements and paint them in white as if they were there. Where does the true happiness come from? You have to try to understand, since this morning we run running around trying to fill in the gaps, but are we really coming or is it actually running on a place that does not lead? Actually nowhere, exhausting and finally letting go of our hands.

We are in essence spiritual beings, our self that has no place, age, name, and anything else that can be grasped, always identifies itself and knows that it is a spiritual entity, and nothing will help us. Each of us made a difficult journey, worth a moment to stop and look back and try to understand why this journey is preparing me.